Split My Bill is a simple tool created by Green Apple Media a small development company based in Dublin, Ireland. The idea of Split My Bill came about when then Peter one of the Green Apple Media team noticed what a pain in the ass it was collecting money and dividing bills. Everybody has a forgetful friend or gets a bit confused when dividing out money. The more he talked to people the more he’d hear ‘yea that’s a good idea’,

So at the end of 2008 we went about building SpiltMyBill.ie the key things were. 1) It had to be free. 2) It had to be easy to use. 3) It involves no maths, all the calculations had to be done by just adding people or removing people and so you have Split My Bill.ie.

We hope you like the tool and if you have any comments or questions please go to our contact us page and drop us a line.