Contact Us

Hi, at SplitMyBill we’d love to hear how we can make this a smarter site
for you. We’d also love to know how you use it, or how it’s helped you. Let
us know your thoughts and we’ll post them up on our the site. We’re
getting around to creating a blog but in the mean time just drop us a note.
We’re a tiny web media company based in Dublin, Ireland called Green Apple
Media and we looooveee fixing problems.

We’ve made this site really, really simple and hope to make it easier -
we’ve even removed about 50% of the functionality already! Crazy hey but
10% of something that 90% of people understand is better than 90% of
something that only 10% understand. Understand?

Anyway it’s a free tool to help you, so we hope it helps.

Please let us know what you think by sending me a mail or follow @PeterConnor