I’m worried about spam?

Have a look at our privacy policy we take spam pretty seriously and we know if we spam you, you won’t use our service. As you can tell with SplitMyBill we want you or your club in for the long run not just a once off hit. So it’s in our interest to keep our promise, that means no to spam and we won’t give your email addresses to any spammers.

The only time you’ll receive an email from us is when you are involved in a new bill or loan. We send you a statement every two weeks to let you know where you stand, but if you aren’t owed anything or owe anyone then you won’t receive a mail at all, not even when we do system updates.

When I add friends what happens?

When you add a friend they will be sent a message with their account details and password automatically signing them up. They don’t receive any other message from us. If they have an account already that’s no problem they can simply merge accounts.

Why do we need a phone number and email address?

Well the idea of SplitMyBill is to make communicating to a group or friend as easy as possible to you. So we use email and sms to do this we cover the charge of the sms so the whole process is as simple and transparent as possible.

What does the “remember me” check box do?

It saves your username and password just like other sites do, if you use it a lot it will save you from having to remember it the whole time. Note if you’re using SplitMyBill at a public computer we’d suggest not checking this as anyone else that sits at that machine could log in.

  • Check the box if you want the website to remember who you are.
  • Don’t check the box if you don’t other people to see your details.

Facebook how does that work

You can logon with your Facebook username and password, and we’ll suck in some basic information from your Facebook account to help you populate your SplitMyBill profile. None of your Facebook friends will be notified and there wont be anything added to your Facebook profile.

What happens when I deactivate my account?

If you confirm that you want to us to deactivate your account, then we will:

  • first tell everyone to whom you owe money or are owed money that you are deactivating your account…
  • and then we will wipe all your personal identifying information (email addresses, cell phone numbers, name, birthday, etc).

Your account will still exist, but only as an anonymous entry in other peoples’ bill histories.

Tag’s what are they about

Tagging is simple way for you to organise bills. So for example if you were splitting your rent you should include the tag ‘rent’ in all bills relative to rent, or ‘electricity’, for all bills relative you electricity bills. This way you can easily see them in your history and more importantly when you export your bill history to excel (My Profile/Save to Excel) if you have all your bills tagged it makes it really easy to see all the bills that were for rent, electricity etc.

Can people make up fake bills?

The idea of SplitMyBill is to make is open and as easy as possible for people so organise their money. So we don’t load it up with layers of security, if someone says you owe them money simply find out what for and sort it out with them. Remember the only people that can see bills are the people involved with them, your friends can only see your bills between you and them.

Can clubs or companies use this service?

Lots of clubs and companies need to collect money whether it fees, ‘chip ins’, for trips away, and simply don’t have the time or resources to be change it. SplitMyBill is ideal for this create separate account under the new email address like payments@clubname.com or something similar, this means different people responsible for collecting the money can access the account and see who’s paid. Then tag all your bills with descriptive names so if you create a bill called ‘Trip to Final Match’, then when you export it to excel you can group all the bills relative to their title.

Don’t forget if you have any solutions of your know let us know contact us.

Open – Closed bill what’s the difference?

SplitMyBill tracks the overall debt between two people for see this example below. So John owes Peter €100 and Peter owes John €30 the overall debt or shuffled debt is John owes Peter €70. We’ll show you below.

Bill One – Tag Rent
John owes Peter €100

Bill Two – Tag Electricity
Peter owes John €30

So a debt isn’t closed till all money between Peter and John is zero.


If you can split a cent then we’ll start doing it too. We just find someone in the bill and give them cent.

What currency do we deal in?

We provide currency symbols for US Dollar ($), Euro (€) and GBP (£), you can create bills in Euro or Dollars, and when you export them to excel they’ll be presented their as Euros and Dollars or GBP.

Do we look up currency rates online?

Not yet but we plan on bringing it into 2 phase. You can use www.xe.com to check you converting rate. Easy way to do it is convert the bill amount before splitting it.

What date formats do you cover?


Who can see the comments?

The comments function is available when you’re paying a debt – you can use this to let people know if you going to pay the rest later or so on. Only people within that bill can see those comments. 

Spread Sheets… what are they about?

We provide you with 3 different types of spreadsheets

* Transactions – This will show you an overview with the following headings
ID, Date, Description, Currency, Amount, Payers, Participants, Tags, Comments, You were a payer, you were a participant.

* Money Flow – This will show you an overview with the following headings
ID, Date, Description, Currency, Amount, Type, Friend.

* Friends


In the words of the dev