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SplitMyBill - The Tour

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Creating an Account & Overview

My Profile, Information About Me

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This section is all about you, contact details, exporting to excel and merging accounts

  1. Use these four big buttons to access Home (shown below), friends, money overview and logout.
  2. Simple totals - who you owe and who owes you.
  3. More detailed overview of your friends and what's owed, click on their email address to access the bill details, or click pay bill to let your friends know you've paid.
  4. Add all the emails that you have, this way if a friend adds you to SplitMyBill using your old email address a new SplitMyBill account won't be created for you. Add all your email addresses and we'll only use the one you mark as primary.
  5. If like in point 4 you end up with more than one SplitMyBill account no problem, Merge My Profile simply allows you merge all your accounts into one.
  6. Running a small business, society of club? You can export all your transaction details to Microsoft Excel allowing you to edit and print your transaction history.

My Email Addresses

SplitMyBill operates by using your email address as your username. People these days have lots of email address, to make sure that a new SplitMyBill account isn’t created for you under an old email address by a friend, simply add all your email address here. Only you can see your contact details.

  1. Simply set any of your email address or mobile phone numbers as your primary point of contact, this means that you’ll only receive notifications to that address.
  2. We strongly advise you add all the email addresses you have even ones you’re not using.

Merge My Profiles

You can sometimes end up with two different SplitMyBill accounts if one account gets created for one email address, and another account gets created for another email address or mobile phone number. When this happens, you'll want to merge the two accounts together. We will combine all your transactions, and email and phone contacts from the two accounts.

  1. Enter the email address of the second account that has been created.
  2. Enter the second account’s password, you’ll find that on the SplitMyBill mail.
  3. Enter your primary (main) account password.
  4. Click Merge.

Save to Excel

This function is ideal for companies, clubs or societies. You can export all your bill history to excel in 3 different categories, Transactions, Money Flow and Friends.

  1. Here is the link Save to Excel to open this category
  2. These are the three options for you to choose from
  3. Here is an example of a excel export using the category Friends

Friends, add all your friends easily

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Your friends, colleagues, club or society can be added easily by importing contacts form Outlook or webmail such as Gmail.

  1. Click Friends to see a list of all your friends in your profile, you can also see who owes who and click on friends to see bill histories or even let them know you’ve paid
  2. Add Friends to SplitMyBill either by entering their email addresses of using our simple import wizard to bring contacts form MS Outlook or webmail like Gmail
  3. This is out simple import wizard for you contacts. Allowing you to securely import friends, colleagues, and club or society members

Friends, details list

When you click on your friends name you can see their billing details relating to you.

  1. Click on a friend to see a list of your bill history with them
  2. Instantly see an overall balance
  3. See your bill history with this friend, let them know you’ve paid or drill down further

Money, it’s what makes the world go around

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Share bills, create loans, and manage money on trips. Use SplitMyBill to manage your clubs subs, collections. Even small businesses that need to collect and manage money can use it.

  1. Quick overview of totals owed or owing.
  2. Friends involved in bills, click on their names to see details or click pay bill to let them know you’ve paid.
  3. See all the loans you’re involved in, click to see the details and pay. See expired or deleted loans.
  4. My Bill History shows you every bill that’s happened in your profile, the recycle sign to the left identifies loans. By clicking on any part of the bill will show you the bill details.
  5. Use Split My Rent, Utility or Shopping Bill to split anything, these are helpful titles for the most common bills but you can use any of these to create any kind of bills, club subs or even sports and social committees.
  6. Split Group Trips is a bill splitter designed to facilitate events where there are groups of bills, John and William pay for the flights, Mark and Odhran paid for the taxi and Freda paid for the hotel.
  7. A loan is a bill that has to be paid back in instalments or a bill to be paid every week, you can add time frames to any of the bills but the Lend Money is specifically designed to make creating loans to friends of family easy.
  8. Pay a Bill is just a way of letting people know you’ve paid them. SplitMyBill doesn’t access any bank accounts it’s simply a free management tool for bills.
  9. Merge My Bills is designed to reduce the number of payments you have to make, you need a minim of 3 friends for this to work.

Money History

Using My Bill History you can view your current and old bills.

  1. A quick overall balance view.
  2. See who owes who.
  3. See all your loans with people.
  4. See all the historical bill history with people.

Money Splitting Bills

Split Rent, Utility Bill, and Shopping Bill and any other

  1. We’ve named these Bill Splitters to the most common we can think of, but they all split bills the same way and can be used to Split any bill or create a Bill.
  2. If the bill repeats like rent simply select how often

Money – Split My Rent, Utility Bill, Shopping Bill (Step 2)

  1. The details are carried from step 1.
  2. Add all the people who paid for the bill.
  3. Simply add all the people who participated, they’re the people involved in the bill, by default the bill payer will be added but you can remove or add people as you wish.
  4. Here is an example were peterjamesconnor@gmail.com has added €300 onto hill bill cause he took the bigger room.
  5. Click on the coins icon to view this field, it allows you to adjust people participation. Bigger room = pay more rent. Beers in the shopping = pay more shopping.

Money Group Trip Splitting

Split Group trips like club or society trips, Stags and Hens, work days away… or any kind of bill that has multiple items.

  1. Area to enter the bill details.
  2. Add the bills, like flights, car rental, and food. Just keep entering them here.
  3. Add the people that participated in each bill, 3 people were involved in the flights, 2 in the taxi.
  4. This is an example of the Food bill for €120.00 between Frank and Peter.
  5. Add the people that paid money towards the bills. Remember SplitMyBill adds everything and divides it correctly so don’t worry about how it’s worked out just add the people how’ve paid click save and view the result in bill history

Money Creating a Loan

This is ideal for family loans, loans to friends or any situation where you’ll lend money.

  1. Add the person you’re lending to or owe.
  2. Select whether you’re owed or owe.
  3. Select the term of the loan, does it continue forever and how often.

Money Reporting a Payment

SplitMyBill allows you keep track of the money that was paid. Simply login and use the Report a Payment feature to let the person know that you’ve made a payment to them and cleared or partially paid the debt.

  1. Select the person you’re lending to or owe.
  2. Select whether you’re owed or owe.
  3. Define the term of the loan, does it continue forever and how often.

Money Merge My Bills

SplitMyBill automatically shuffles debts between two people reducing the number of times you’ve to pay each other for example, Peter owes John €300 for a new suit, and John owes Peter €500 for Rent. SplitMyBill will automatically shuffle, subtracting €300 from €500 leaving just John to pay Peter €200. Merge My Bills does this but for group of 3 people or over.

  1. Pick the currency.
  2. Add the people you want to shuffle with remember it must be 3 or more.
SplitMyBill - Free For Life
Sign-up takes less than 60 seconds. Create bills instantly.